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July 30, 2012
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  If was a quiet and crisp dawn. As a leaf fell down in the middle of the half gone summer. It was the day the omens had begun. Well this dream I had haven`t made much of idea of what they were saying. Something about a white wing, leaf falling walking up, under the nose, and the leaves will fall down mid-summer. Okay that ending part was true but what about the others? I thought. "Next must be under the nose?" I whispered to myself. "What’s that Flower?" my apprentice asked. "Oh nothing my young apprentice." I smiled down at her.   “Three day left?" I thought out loud “Three days until what?" Blueskye asked again "Until I go to the elders den." I smiled but under that was my death waiting for me. "Really you’re not the medicine cat anymore?" Blueskye said sadly. "Yes but I`ll never forget you, Your like my only baby girl." I smiled again. "So the half moon is tomorrow?" Blueskye asked "Yes...." I said as looking for herbs.  "Okay what’s this?" I pointed to the herb under my paw "Borage leaves!" Blueskye jumped up and down. " what’s it for?"  I asked her. “Mmm..." Blueskye said. Part of me didn`t think she was ready, but she was. "Borage leaves are for nursing queens as it helps increase their supply of milk, and helps bring down fevers." Blueskye meowed. "Good we better get going." I said with a mouth full of herbs. We started walking to PineClan we were super close to Greenwillowclan. "Hi Blueskye and Flower. What are you doing here?"  Treepaw asked “Getting some herbs, we need some your Clan has water..."Blueskye tried to talk with a mouth full of herbs. I put mine down.  "So what are you doing so far out? Not crossing our clan, our we?" I asked "No not at all I came to see how it was going over here?" Treepaw smirked "Sure you were..." I said “Well our Clan is..." Blueskye started off. I glared at her.  "Let`s be going Blueskye!" I said as I was just picking up my herbs. "Treepaw come here now!" I heard a tom yell. "Yes Green!" Looking back as he called.  I saw Green running over. "Hi Green." I tried to say


"Was he giving you trouble?" Green asked. I shook my head as a no.  I put my herbs down again. "Blueskye go back to camp. I am fine, so don`t get help." I said Blueskye nodded and ran off.  "And as for Treepaw go back to your camp as well." I said “Hey you can`t boss Greenwillowclan around." Green hissed. "No Green I can`t but we need to talk alone. Medicine cat to Warrior." I said   "Okay..." Green said.  "I know something you should know about Treepaw." I started off. "He’s been around PineClan lately. And I am thinking he been crossing it...To see some in our Camp." I meowed "I see why you wanted to talk to me alone."  Green pawed the ground "Please I don`t want him to get into huge trouble." I meowed.  "Okay so who do you think he is seeing?" Green asked "Leafpaw but I am not sure..." I said "I see. I`ll talk to him about it and see what Fire says."  Green meowed. "Thank you that would have been under our noses for a while." Green put in.  "You’re welcome. I must be going." I said as I started to run away to PineClan.

   "Hi you took a while didn`t you?" Blueskye said. "Yes sorry where`s Leafpaw?" I asked "With her mentor. Why?" Blueskye said "I need to talk to her." I meowed lightly.  "Okay! I think she at battle practice." Blueskye said. "Thank you my young apprentice. I’ll wait for her to get back."  I meowed. I started walking to my den, well the Medicine cats den. I saw the four cats come back from the hollow "Leaf come here now!" I cried. "Yes Flower?" Leafpaw say.  "What would you like?" she put in. "You know you’re not allowed to cross clan areas." I cried "Yes I know." Leafpaw said. "Leafpaw what do I smell Greenwillowclan on you?"  I cried again “Because, cos` we were by Greenwillowclan hunting and practicing at the clan." She looked at the ground.  "Did you see us?" Blueskye asked River. River Nodded to Blueskye. “So what’s the news on the clans? We saw you talking to Green.” River asked as the apprentices walked to the den. “Well I think Bell should hear this. Green and I were talking about Treepaw he’s been out and in the camp a lot.” I put in. We started walking to the leaders den. “Bell we need to talk. I don’t want to scary you or anything but…Green and I were talking and Treepaw has been out and in of their camp and it sounds like we need to talk to Fire about it.” I meowed “Can’t this wait for 5 sun-rises?” Bell asked “No! It sounds like they are planning something we don’t know. And I wanted to talk to Treepaw now.” I said “Fine have River with you.” Bell said as she licked her left paw. “Thank you Bell for understanding.” I said; sometimes I think River would make a better Leader than Bell. We started walking out of Bell’s den.  “Come let’s get going before dark.” River meowed. “Where you going? And can we come?” Leafpaw asked along with the other apprentices. I looked at River. “No they will think of us as an attack.” River whispered to me. “I see…” I said “No! You can’t.”  River meowed “River you can take yours apprentice can you?” I asked “Yes fine Leafpaw can come. If she passes, she maybe a Warrior soon.” River meowed.  “Come on then.” I put in. We started walking thought the tall pines and trees. “Where at the broader now.” River said   “Where and How far are we?” Leafpaw asked “Not far from the camp. My Stars I hate this part I don’t know How GreenWillow cats can do this.” River said as he looked at the cold water below. “Your fine!” I meowed to him push him to move on. “What who goes there!” I heard a cat yell “We need to talk to Fire!” River cried. “Oh it’s you Pinecats… Hey what are you doing here?” The tom asked as we walked in. “Greetings Flower, River, and Young?” Fire spoke up “Leafpaw.” River said flicking his tail. “Oh yes I believe we haven’t met yet. What brings you to Greenwillowclan? This must be important for you to walk in without getting attacked.” Fire purred with pleasure. “Greetings!” Air flicked her tail and walked over to Fire giving him a lick on the ear. “Well it about your son Treepaw…He well we must talk alone.” I said “Okay I see. River and Leafpaw Come on with us.” Fire meowed. River shook his head to Leafpaw “You stay here, go find Green or Blue.”   Leafpaw shook her head “Yes River.”  River walked in now we can start. “Well how’s Bell doing?” Fire asked before we started. “Mmm…not a good leader…” I said River looked at me in shock. “Yes well I will make Hare the deputy when I am done.” Fire meowed “No make River the leader. He has more to say.” I say “Flower that’s not why where her.” River was remaindering me. “Oh yes about Treepaw he has been at our clan lately, and He getting to know the clan very well now.” I meowed “I see your point; I’ll talk to him soon as I can. Thank you for telling me.” Fire meowed “Fire that’s not the point! If we see Treepaw in our clan ONE more Time, Treepaw and your clan our done!” I cried and Walked out of the den. “Come on River and Leafpaw.” I cried “That was pointless! He not is going to do anything!” River cried  “I know we must get back.” I cried “Let’s go!” I put in We started running to the camp.

It's in Flowers point of view and Pineclan's Time to be in the spotlight. I must say this Is a full Chapter this time. I started writing it on sunday monring. Now I can't stop.... For kittycat3302 and me too....
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